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How Can an Elder Law Attorney Help Me?

There are times to plan and times to act. At one end of the spectrum, elder law attorneys provide strategic guidance and advisement for estate planning. Trust and Will drafting, property and asset protection, preparation of health care proxies, living wills and powers of attorney are all services that an Elder law attorney offers. When a loved one requires immediate long-term care and there are discharge issues and Medicare deadlines, an Elder Law Attorney provides timely support and assistance with Medicaid Applications. This is the other end of the spectrum.

There are milestones, good and bad, that push us to seek legal assistance. Elder law attorneys handle all types of milestones. A new marriage or the birth of a child often is the first instance where thoughts turn to estate planning for the future. Parents of adult children will make changes to an existing estate plan when they feel that the children are ready to accept greater roles in the family’s legal and financial life. With aging comes a desire to simplify some of life’s complexities. Trust and pre-emergency long term care planning emerge as pursuits for clients who may have observed the difficulties faced by neighbors, family and friends.

The time and space required for mapping out an estate plan is sometimes not possible when a hospitalization occurs and a loved one is in a vulnerable position. Help, in this case, arrives in the form of a completed Medicaid Application with appropriate legal protection of a family’s resources. Elder law attorneys balance the Medicaid eligibility requirements and asset protection within a time-constraining framework. Decisions between home care, assisted living and nursing home care must be implemented.

For a caregiver, an elder law attorney provides peace of mind. A loved one who is struggling with an illness needs help with healthcare, day to day activities, and finances. Caregivers cannot perform every service alone. They need help. An elder law attorney can provide legal support and educate caregivers as to the options that may provide their loved ones with a better life.

Many elder law attorneys will also assist with probate and administration. An estate is the legacy of a life well-lived. Bringing an estate to its completion allows for the surviving family to honor their loved one and strengthen its financial bonds for future generations.

How can an elder law attorney help me? The simplest answer to this question is that an elder law attorney has the knowledge, experience and tools to help you at the beginning of your ascent into adulthood and help protect a family’s resources before and after an illness strikes someone you love.

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