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Medicaid Home Care Applications

What are Home Care Coordination Services


The Medicaid Application process is lengthy and complicated, with very strict deadlines and documentation requirements. Applications for Medicaid Home Care Benefits involve not just proof of financial eligibility but proof of medical need as well. The Medicaid Agency looks for reasons to deny applications, saving the government money and costing you tens of thousands of dollars for every month that goes by until the application is finally approved. For this reason, it is imperative that you hire the experienced and dedicated Elder Law attorneys at The Feller Group, P.C.

We help our clients prepare all financial information and forms, required medical forms, and prepare the case to secure a maximum amount of home health aide hours. Our team has secured Medicaid nursing home and home care benefits for many clients like you with an unsurpassed success rate.

What Documents are Required for a Home Care Application?

View our Checklist here

Our Additional New York Medicaid Planning Services:

- Medicaid Home Care Coordination

- Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts

- Asset Protection

- Promissory Note Planning

- Medicaid Fair Hearings and Appeals

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